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William Washington Moore c. 1905, Knoxville, Illinois

As a teenager in the 1970’s, I discovered a thin, dusty, black-bound volume on my father’s bookshelf entitled “Matthew Tomb and his Descendants.” Dad told me that “that’s our family tree and we’re in there somewhere.”

In that book I found out that my second paternal great-grandfather was named W. W. Moore and had wed Leora Bell Thom in 1877.  Previously, I had never heard anything about either of them nor had any relative I asked could provide any more information — in most cases this was news to them as well.

Ever since then I have been intrigued, immensely curious, and stimulated by the puzzles presented to me with regards to my family’s history.  Over the course of the next 35 years or so, I have enjoyed genealogical research as a part-time hobby and have learned A LOT. Now it’s about time that I begin documenting and sharing my findings.  This blog will contain a variety of topics with regards to genealogical research, my pedigree and relations.


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